Let’s say you’re driving through a forest, and your car stops in the middle of the road. The worst part is your battery develops a problem, and you’re unable to start the car. Such situations are frustrating and troublesome as well. A car that refuses to start when you need to is more frustrating than any other situation you might have faced in your life. Thus, it is essential to know more about the battery problems beforehand.

Knowing the signs of a damaged battery will help you solve the same at the earliest. As soon as you encounter any problem, visit the professionals for car repairs in Haddenham. There are generally two types of battery-related problems. Sometimes a battery is healthy but has no charge; hence the car is not likely to start under such conditions. Another possibility is that the battery is completely dead and needs to be replaced.

What are The Symptoms of a Dying Battery?

Batteries might die suddenly; however, in the majority of cases, you’ll get a warning before your battery dies out. If you face difficulty starting the car now and then, it’s a sure-shot sign that your battery is about to die soon. Initially, the problem could be minor, later with time, it will get worse. Here are a few signs that suggest that your battery is about to die.

1. Less Power in Headlights
When your car’s battery is failing, then the first signs will be reflected in the car’s headlights. The moment you see the headlights getting dim and weaker than usual, it means that your battery is running out of charge and will be dead soon.

2. Slowing Down of The Engine
Whenever your engine slows down during the start-up process, then surely it’s time to get the battery replaced. Over time, as the battery components wear out, your engine will take time to get started.

3. Corrosion on Battery Connectors
While inspecting the battery, if you find white and ashy layers on the top of the battery, they are sure signs of corrosion. Since batteries are made of metal, hence corrosion is a realistic possibility. If the same gets detected and solved early, then you can prevent the battery from dying.

4. Gas Leak from The Battery
If suddenly you start getting an odd odour of rotten eggs, then there’s undoubtedly a leak occurring from the battery. This indicates that your battery is about to die soon.

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