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 Kamtech Service Plans, where peace of mind meets automotive excellence. Discover the unrivaled benefits of our Vehicle Service Plans, designed to elevate your driving experience and protect your investment. With our comprehensive service plans, you gain the assurance of regular maintenance and timely repairs, ensuring your vehicle operates at peak performance. Say goodbye to unexpected service costs and hello to budget-friendly, predictable maintenance expenses. Our plans are tailored to suit your needs, providing flexibility and convenience. Enjoy priority service appointments, access to certified technicians, and the use of quality parts to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. Extend the lifespan of your car, enhance its resale value, and drive with confidence knowing that your investment is in the hands of experts. Explore our range of Vehicle Service Plans today and elevate your ownership experience to new heights.



  • Loan car (unlimited mileage) driven on our insurance policy; car returned re-fuelled to the level at the start of the loan by customer. An insurance excess will apply and is subject to availability
  • Labour to cover the cost of servicing car is included.Standard service kit includes: 5W30 C2/C3 Spec engine oil & filter replaced every service; air filter & pollen filter replaced every two years; spark plugs & fuel filter (where applicable) replaced every four years, (parts fitted from this kit are determined on basis of the vehicle age and mileage and in accordance with the makers service recommendations). Additional charge will be made if any lubricant other than the standard engine oil is required for your car and if spark plugs are deemed to be ‘Long-life’. Details of additional cost are available on request.
  • Cost of MOT test included.
  • Labour charges for repair operations provided free of charge include re-aligning headlamp aims, re-sealing leaking exhaust joints, re-balancing wheels, adjusting wheel bearings, flushing out blockages on washer bottles and filters, adjusting washer jets, cleaning out blocked washer jets. (A fee is charged in cases where extra time is reasonably required to complete a particular task, over and above the manufacturers recommended repair times).
  • FREE puncture repairs.
  • Tunap 957 Oil system cleaner and 974/984 Fuel system protection included within service costs.
  • Brake Fluid change included every 3 years (within silver service).
  • 10% Discount on all other labour.
  • FREE Collection within 20 miles of specified workshop.



Service Pack Engine Size (CC) Price Per Year (Monthly Cost)
Small Engine Service Pack 600-1599 £300 (£25 PCM)
Medium Engine Service Pack 1600-2499 £325 (£27 PCM)
Big Engine Service Pack 2500-3000 £360 (£30 PCM)
Performance Engine Service Pack 3000+ POA

Q: Can I take a plan out for just servicing?

No. The plan is to cover the annual costs of MOT and Servicing.

Q: Can I use my monthly payments to help fund other costs of repairs and work carried out?

No. The plan only covers the costs of servicing and mot. Therefore there will not be any “extra funds” to covers other costs. However you can take advantage of the discounted prices available to you as a service plan member.

Q: Do I have to have the service and MOT done on the same day?

Ideally yes but it is not essential. We can arrange to do it on different days. We will work out when you take out your service plan, to as and when your first service should be scheduled for. If this falls before the first year of payment is complete you may have to top up the funds on the day and we will rearrange the amount you then pay from then on.

Q: What happens if I need a service more than once a year due to high mileage?

The plan that you take out only covers the one service a year. Any extra services will not be covered by the plan and will need to be paid for on the day.

Q: If I want extra work to be carried out can I just increase my monthly payments after?

No. extra work carried out is payable on completion. The plan is not a financing option to afford to pay for work.

Q: What happens if I change or sell my car?

If you change your car we can start a plan for the new vehicle. As the plan is tailored to your vehicle specifically, we can not just transfer it over.

We also can not transfer over the plan to a new owner. If they would like to set up a new plan with us they are more than welcome.
If you change your vehicle but still wish to create a new plan no cancellation fee will applied for closing the account. Normal cancellation and admin fee is £15.

Q: What if my car needs specialist plugs or oil?

Spark plugs will not be covered by our service plan. If you would like them replaced then it will be an extra to pay for on the day.

When we tailor your service plan to your car we will look into what oil is needed and your price will include what oil your car should need. If you know your car takes specialist oil, please do let us know when taking out the plan so we can accommodate it into the costs.

Q: Can I cancel my plan?

Yes. If you find you would like to cancel your plan, you will be subject to an admin fee for closing the account of £15. You can cancel at anytime. The amount of money you receive back will be the amount the sum of any Direct Debits since the last service / MOT minus the £15 cancellation fee.

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