The braking system is an integral part of every car, irrespective of its make and model. Brakes are very vital safety features, so make sure that they are well-maintained. It will help you avoid a potential tragedy or accident. Skipping car repairs can deteriorate the condition of your brakes even further.

Did you ever hear a shrieking sound when applying the parking brake? It is a common sign of parking brake failure. Neglecting it can compromise your safety on the road. The best way you can handle the issue is by taking your car to a reputable garage offering car repairs in Thame. They will examine your vehicle and let you know whether the brake has gone out of alignment or you have to replace it.

4 Common Brake Problems For Which You Need Car Repairs in Thame

1. Car Shaking When You Apply Brake

If there is a problem with the rear brakes, the car will shake every time you are applying the brake. If the front part of your car is shaking, you can notice it in the steering wheel. Vibration in the rear will impact the entire vehicle. The mechanic might take a test with the rear brakes independently to know whether they are causing your car to shake.

2. Soft Brake Pedal

If you notice that the brake pedal is sinking to the floor without any resistance every time you are applying pressure on it, it’s time you take it to a garage offering car repairs in Thame. A soft brake pedal is a severe and complicated brake problem, so make sure you stop driving immediately if you want to avoid dangerous situations.

3. Car Pulling To One Side

Car pulling to one side when braking is both dangerous and irritating. Braking problems can occur due to various reasons like a frozen calliper or faulty tyres. Your car can also pull to one side if there are broken belts in the front tyres. Your mechanic will examine the issue and let you know whether you have to align the wheels or replace the brake.

4. Steering Wheel Shaking

It is a very common brake problem you will notice in cars of various makes and models. The issue will be more common if you drive at high speeds. Few of the common causes of the steering wheel shaking while braking are slight indiscretions on the rotors caused by excessive heat, pad impressions and warped front rotors.

Since you are now aware of the common brake problems for which you need car repairs, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced mechanics at KAMTech.